Ammosulphonil PS

Ammosulphonil PS is a very potent Photosynthetic Bacteria. The efficacy has been proven in differerent location at different aquacuture farms. It contains a mixture of bacteria which benefits the culture system.


Bacterial Consortia 2 x 109 CFU/ml


  • Enhances feeding, growth rate and minimizes FCR.
  • Bacterial enzymes include Amylase, Protease, Lipase etc.
  • Minimizes bad odors and decomposes organic waste.
  • Averts existence of harmful bacteria such as Vibrio Spp.
  • Minimizes cost of production by reducing usage of chemicals.
  • Mainly Rhodobacteraceae, Nocardiaceae and other bacterial species are present.
  • Metabolic and feed waste are converted to Carbon dioxides and Hydrogen.
  • Ammonia, Nitrate and Hydrogen Sulphide toxicity are effectively controlled.
  • Consortia utilises H2S to maintain, regulate pH and optimizes water quality.
  • Stabilizes algal blooms and improves water quality and also maintains the pH level.
  • Bacteria degrades sludge and increases the growth of heterotrophic bacterial.


5 ltr per Hectare with ONE meter water depth

once in every 15 - 20 days or as directed by aquaculture consultant.


Shake well before use and once opened it has to be used within a day for best results irrespective of packing size.

Argulus - Lernea Control

Argulus - Lernea Control is a remedy for fish external parasites, which kills carp louse ( Argulus) and anchor worms (Lernea). They can be clearly observed on the skin of fish attacked.

Application area

Solution to be added to pond water. Shake well before use.


Mix 500 gm of Argulus-Lernea control in 10 litres of pond water per acre and apply uniformly through the pond.


As the activity of the medicinal compounds will be reduced under the influence of light, we advise to start treatment at nightfall. In ponds having a very large biomass the dose can be doubled.

Nitrite Nil

Nitrite Nil is a natural fast acting microbial solution for Nitrite treatment and prevention in shrimp ponds. It is recommended to use Nitrite Nil during pond preparation to reduce the risk of Nitrite buildup in future.


  • Powerfully removes H2S.
  • Works at both aerobic and anaerobic conditions.
  • Decreases formation of toxic sludge.
  • Minimizes FCR.
  • Increases survival.


To avert buildup of Hydrogen Sulphide Stage While Pond /Soil preparation During mid crop cyde (35-40 DOC*) During end of crop cyde(90*DOC until harvest)
Dosage Apply 2 kg/10,000 m2 1kg/10,000 m2 1kg/10,000 m2 every 7-10 days up till harvest
Notes Apply to the bottom of wet pond at areas where sludge is present Apply close to aerator for best results Apply in areas where sludge has formed
Treatment for affected pond Stage 1st application 2nd Application Track alkalinity
Dosage 2kg/10,000m2 1kg/10,000 m2
Notes Apply when pond soil turns black and develops a bad color Apply after 3-4 days after 1st application For best results maintain alkalinity above 100ppm at each application step

These are general recommendations. Dosage is also dependant on the local environmental conditions and practices.